Brand New Shelby Cobra Comes To The UK Before Any Other Market

“It is an immense honor to be the first market globally to receive the Shelby Cobra CSX10000, said Clive Sutton. “As an officially recognized and licensed Shelby Cobra, the car will provide a strong investment opportunity alongside its spine-tingling performance and retro styling.”

Available in either left or right-hand drive, this is a faithful recreation with modern amenities. The sublime Coyota V8 will come with two states of tune offering very different driving experiences.

The first offers naturally aspirated power akin to the Ford Mustang GT, producing 460 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. For how small and light we expect the vehicle to be, we imagine this is right in the sweet spot of not too much and not too little, but if you really want to push boundaries the higher tune is for you.

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