Discover Ulysse Nardin’s New $137K Blast Free Wheel Marquetry

Ulysse Nardin raises the bar in Haute Horlogerie with its latest revelation, the all-new Blast Free Wheel Marquetry. As a tribute to its iconic Freak model, which was the first to incorporate silicon back in 2001, this groundbreaking timepiece shows off an innovative UN-176 Manufacture caliber. Its wheels, flying tourbillon with Ulysse Anchor Constant Escapement, and seven-day power reserve display float over a stunning silicon mosaic with no visible attachments. The Blast Free Wheel Marquetry is housed in a white gold 45-mm Blast case and is intricately designed. The geometric lines of the case complement an ultra-glass box, revealing the timepiece’s mysterious movement from multiple angles.

The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock is a signature of Ulysse Nardin, boasting a revolutionary constant escapement that challenges traditional watchmaking principles. This remarkable accomplishment required two years of R&D and culminated in a perfectly even impulse on the balance wheel, regardless of the watch’s power reserve. The use of silicon technology eliminates the need for jewels and the anchor pivot, setting a new standard in watchmaking innovation. But the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the 103 radiant blue silicon marquetry slivers that decorate the dial. These meticulously assembled plates require multiple hours of work and contribute to the watch’s three-dimensional visuals. The case back also features a blue silicon plate, ensuring Ulysse Nardin’s commitment to silicon as a high-end material. Fit on a comfortable blue rubber strap, the all-new Ulysse Nardin Blast Free Wheel Marquetry is currently available through an authorized dealer for $137,200.

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