Hennessey Shows Off The 775-HP Venom 775 Ford F-150

Few vehicles match the wonder and awe factor of a performance truck. Typically used for off-roading or heavy-duty purposes, pickup trucks with luxury and performance stand out with polished looks, powerful engines, and plenty of creature comforts. One of those incredible trucks is the Hennessey Venom 775, a truck based on the iconic and prolific Ford F-150. In a new video on YouTube, Hennessey takes an in-depth look at everything that makes the Venom 775 special.

The truck is based on the 5.0-liter V8-powered Lariat version of the F-150, and its highlight is a supercharging upgrade that takes its performance to new heights. However, various aspects of the truck’s modification and uniqueness can be seen before that, starting from when the truck is at a standstill. In fact, what makes it stop are impressive Brembo brakes with drilled rotors and red calipers, peeking out behind black wheels. The intimidating look of the truck is thanks to an all-black spec.

Red accents on the front and special emblems indicate the truck’s been given a Hennessey makeover, and red accents and signature Hennessey touches throughout the interior do the same. The supercharger upgrade takes the truck’s power to a soaring 775 horsepower, and that upgrade comes with a warranty from Hennessey, showing the firm’s commitment to quality and giving owners peace of mind to enjoy their luxury performance pickup to the fullest. With looks, luxury, and plenty of power, the Ford F-150 Hennessey Venom 775 is truly a special truck, and whether on the road or off of it, it’s sure to impress any driver with its unique character.

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