Ford’s New Roof With Integrated Lighting Has Plenty Of Potential

The most helpful use for this feature relates to autonomous driving. Ford says that these exterior lights can be illuminated in a specific way once the driver hands over control to an autonomous driving feature. Ford’s hands-free driver-assist system, BlueCruise, is one of the most advanced, but many Americans do not trust these systems.

We’re 100% behind a system that allows us to see whether a car is being actively driven or whether an advanced algorithm is in charge. You can give such a car a wide berth if you remain skeptical about how it may behave.

Do we see this making it into production? The NHTSA is notoriously finicky regarding exterior lights, so we might only see a feature like this on next-generation electric vehicles. Still, the accessories industry makes a lot of money, and this is not the first accessory patent Ford has filed this year.

We hope this system becomes available for the Bronco, if only to make camping easier.

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