Ferrari Shows Off The New KC23 Track Car In Development

Ferrari’s Special Projects program is one of the most unique, exclusive, and coveted pieces of the Ferrari tapestry there is. Ferrari’s most prized clients, through the Special Projects program, are given the opportunity to collaborate with the historic manufacturer in the creation of their true dream car, and that is how the Ferrari KC23 came to be. The car’s avant-garde styling is like few other Ferraris conceived, and being a track-only creation, the result is art in exciting motion.

Revealed this past July, the Ferrari KC23 is based on the 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, but with an elegant, muted paint color, a futuristic silhouette, and scissor doors, it looks radically different. In addition, it features advanced aerodynamics for excellent track performance, which have the ability to be removed in order to give the car a stunningly elegant shape while it sits still.

In a new Instagram post, Ferrari is showing the KC23 in development, with camouflage that does show that the car is nearing its final form in the flesh. With the desired and highly exclusive status as one of Ferrari’s most prized clients and collectors, it’s truly incredible what lengths the Prancing Horse is willing to go to in the Special Projects program to make a client’s personal dreams of the perfect Ferrari race car come true.

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