Texas Coffee & Cars Bans Domestic Muscle Cars Over Burnouts And Revving

Honda boys are also known for unnecessary revving, but revving an engine is not necessarily illegal. When done while the car is stationary, the extent of the damage is limited to the driver’s valvetrain and spectators’ ear canals. And what about those in Supras, BMWs, and straight-piped 350Zs – are they not just as much a menace to society?

Sure, but organizers have to start somewhere, and by targeting the most popular and most attainable RWD performance cars, cars that are often at the center of automotive foolishness, Coffee & Cars hopes to ram home the point that behaving recklessly only makes it harder for true enthusiasts to get their automotive kicks.

Hopefully, this temporary ban will have the desired effect, but there’s already a problem in the form of a Dodge Challenger-shaped loophole. We expect the silliness to continue, prompting wider bans and ultimately culminating in the event becoming either extinct or invitation-only.

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