Karma Automotive Unveils All-Electric Kaveya GT Alongside New Vehicle Portfolio

Following a tumultuous decade, Karma Automotive is setting itself up to make a significant comeback. It’s hired new leadership and, starting today, announced the arrival of a new lineup of cars expected to go on sale as quickly as next year. The carmaker pulled the covers during this year’s Las Vegas Concours hosted by the Wynn Hotel.

The main focus of Karma’s announcement is the Kaveya, its new flagship product. According to Karma, it’s an all-electric grand tourer that should produce 1,180 horsepower in its most potent form and 536 horses in base trim. The Kaveya is expected to cover over 250 miles on a single charge. In terms of performance, the California-based automaker aims for a sub-three second 0-60 time and a 180 MPH top speed. Karma expects to deliver its range-topping variant in Q4 2026 and its entry-level model in Q4 2025.

Alongside the Kaveya, Karma unveiled plans to build the Gyesera, an all-electric sedan expected to arrive in Q4 2024. However, while it’s expected to produce 590 HP and reach 60 MPH in under 4.2 seconds, the carmaker isn’t yet ready to share more details about its second upcoming model. Expect to hear more in 2024.

Lastly, Karma announced plans to continue production of its Revero sedan, whose roots date back to 2016. Alongside a planned refresh, the updated Revero is expected to produce 536 HP from a hybrid powertrain, allowing for an all-electric range of up to 80 miles. Although Karma hasn’t yet announced pricing, expect the updated sedan to arrive sometime in Q3 2024.

Its latest announcement shows that Karma Automotive is working to establish itself amongst the current crop of luxury brands. However, it will now have to live up to the high bar set by delivering a complete vehicle portfolio and actively working to rewrite its story, which will undoubtedly take a lot of work.

Karma President Marques McCammon reiterated this by saying. “Karma has experienced its share of highs and lows during the past ten years. I’m intent on fulfilling Karma’s true potential. I was tasked with remaking the company, and today is only the first step toward establishing Karma as a high-image marque – America’s ultra-luxury vehicle.”

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