UPDATED: S650 Ford Mustang NOT Ending Production In 2028

According to the details of the recently ratified Ford-UAW labor agreement, production of the current S650 Ford Mustang will come to an end in just four years, in 2028. Part of the labor agreement included disclosing the outline of Ford’s production plans, including where specific vehicles would be produced. Without these assurances, the UAW could not be sure that its members’ jobs would be safe for the next few years.

This means that the end of the V8-powered Mustang is nigh, and although we ought to be grateful for another four years of combustion, accepting the future remains a bitter pill to swallow, especially since we all know what comes next.

UPDATE: Contrary to the report from MC&T, Ford denies allegations that S650 Mustang production is set to end in 2028. The publicized UAW contract only mentions that “Mustang will continue” at Flat Rock Assembly and “Pending program approval new product will be added.” Ford added the following official statement: The Muscle Cars & Trucks report about Mustang is not accurate. Beyond this, we don’t comment on speculation about future products.

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