Ford Trademarks Lightstream: All The Potential Applications

Making it even more difficult to guess the name’s destiny is that, as far as we understand, ‘Lightstream’ (or even ‘Stream’) has not been used on a Ford vehicle in the past – except once. In 2007, the Blue Oval revealed an Airstream Concept.

This van was powered by electric motors that gleaned energy from a battery source. The vehicle could be plugged into a charger, but a hydrogen fuel cell system recharged the pack when necessary. This gave the Airstream a claimed range of 305 miles. The interior boasted a lounge-like interior with swiveling captain’s chairs up front and several other neat details.

There’s a possibility that Ford will introduce an electric passenger van dubbed the Lightstream as a nod to the Airstream Concept. Perhaps it will arrive as a US-spec version of the all-electric Tourneo Custom.

What do you think the Lightstream could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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