Best Sounding Cars: 12 Cars With Enthralling Engine Notes

2023 has brought the era of the ICE Challenger and Charger to a close, with a series of “Last Call” models produced before Dodge officially launches its electrification program. In a very on-brand move for muscle car stablemates defined by brutal, straight-line power, both the Challenger and the Charger are going out with a bang rather than a whimper: the Last Call editions get increasingly bonkers, each one of them providing an appropriately ear-splitting soundtrack, all the way up to the barely-road-legal 1025-hp Challenger SRT Demon 170.

The Hemi V8 is unique in a world of cookie-cutter engine configurations, with a unique rumble and deep, throaty bellow that instantly captures the imagination. It may lack the finesse of European V8s, but it’s unashamedly American, and for that, we love it, in all its incarnations.

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