Watch Hennessey’s Deep Dive On The New Dodge SRT Demon 170

John Hennessey’s pursuit of ultimate American performance continues.

John Hennessey, and even more so his eponymous Hennessey Performance, is known for an insatiable desire for and incredible ability to achieve amazing levels of automotive performance, whether it be through upgrading trucks or SUVs, tweaking the performance of America’s favorite performance cars, or by creating an unfathomable hypercar from the ground up.

However, with the introduction of its celebratory SRT Demon 170, Dodge and SRT showed off its approach to American performance to the very best of its ability before the industry’s transition to electrification spells the end of muscle cars like this one as we know them.

At long last, John Hennessey’s new SRT Demon 170 has been delivered, finished in the iconic Plum Crazy Purple paint color, and that’s just the beginning of what makes it special. It’s the most powerful SRT creation yet at 1,035 horsepower with 925 lb/ft of torque, and it broke records with a 1.66-second 0-60 time, all while being a supercharged V8-powered rear-wheel drive vehicle, unlike the electric vehicles that have been putting up similar acceleration times.

As the swan song and grand finale of supercharged V8 SRT muscle cars, Hennessey is excited to put the new Dodge SRT Demon 170 to the test on its Pennzoil Proving Grounds in its Sealy, Texas headquarters facility. However, with the car in stunning delivery condition, what needs to come first is a close look at everything that makes the car what it is. With the incredible SRT muscle car ending and the Demon 170 being the finale, Hennessey celebrates one of the greatest achievements in American automotive performance yet.

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