Car Mod Atrocities: 1965 Ford Mustang Build Is Actually A Honda Civic

Pop the hood open and you’ll find a Honda K24A4 inline-4 engine. The Japanese four-banger that powers this car makes 160 horsepower and 161 lb-ft of torque in stock condition. The seller-owner didn’t say if he did anything to the engine to make more power, but the listing indicates that its original five-speed automatic gearbox was kept. Since it uses an Accord chassis, we’re sure it is front-wheel-drive.

Other enhancements on this strange car build include disc brakes for all four wheels and coilovers. Interestingly, not much effort was made to the interior as it still rocks the original Honda Accord dashboard, seats, and steering wheel. Surprisingly, the interior door cards are clearly from the Mustang.

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