10 Best Movie And TV Car Chases Of 2023

No, Fast X is not on this list. While we loved Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Dante in the latest installment, there was much better car-related TV and movie content to fawn over.

As you shall soon see, the biggest surprises came out of nowhere from franchises not generally associated with automotive action. We’re also including exceptional documentaries that don’t technically have car chases in them, but they’re 100% worth a watch anyway.

If you have a few days off this festive season, add these 10 movies to your playlist and watch them directly after the annual viewing of the best Christmas movie ever made. And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. John McClane sacrificed what could have been a lovely Christmas Eve to save the Nakatomi Plaza.

Therefore, we owe him the honor of watching the 1988 classic every year.

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