Godzilla-Powered Classic Ford Bronco Is A Dream SUV Build

While Coyote V8-powered classic Broncos aren’t new, some builders take it up a notch by shoehorning a 7.8-liter Ford Godzilla motor instead. The massive mill is meant for the Blue Oval’s lineup of Super Duty Trucks but apparently, it fits the aging off-roader, too.

This classic Ford Bronco Godzilla was built by Matko Motors, and this particular unit that you see here is the first of its kind (VIN001), with only around 8,800 miles on the odometer.

However, despite the new mighty engine, it proved to be too noisy in ‘stock’ form, which is why the owner wanted to quiet it down a bit for a slightly quieter ride. Taming the noise from the mighty V8 falls to Exhaust Addicts, who outfitted the SUV with a custom exhaust that can be loud and proud yet nice and subtle – all with a press of a button.

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