Rivian Developing Digital Spare Wheel Carrier With Hidden Applications

The dock is also essential because Rivian can easily add electrical connectors, ports, or a combination. It would be the perfect plug to power the new mobile movie projector Rivian recently patented.

As for the cavity inside the wheel, Rivian calls it a container. According to the patent application, it can fit a first aid kit, waste can, water container, cooler, vacuum canister, compressed air system, toolbox, electrical appliances, and electrical cord. Rivian’s sketches show that it can also design several different containers for specific items, such as an auxiliary battery. The patent also mentions that other containers can be mounted to the spare wheel dock.

Rivian filed a patent for a detachable battery pack before, and this seems like an excellent place to put it. It may not be big enough to match the car’s maximum range of 400 miles, but it should be enough to offer portable power to the campsite or construction site.

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