Most Expensive Hot Wheels Ever Sold: Big Deals On Small Wheels

Hot Wheels is one of the most popular toy car brands worldwide. American toy maker Mattel first introduced Hot Wheels cars in 1968, with a lineup of sixteen model cars dubbed the “Sweet Sixteen.” Built through a meticulous creation process that replicates the details of real cars with as much accuracy as possible, these diecast models have also occasionally had the chance to influence real-life builds in return (such as the Midas Monkey Corvette) and be influenced by custom-built machines through the Hot Wheels Legends Tour.

Hot Wheels originally had a target audience consisting mainly of children and young adults, but as a constantly evolving toy that has captured the hearts of all generations, they have become extremely popular with adult collectors as well, with a large Hot Wheels community forming over the years.

Hot Wheels are not just toy cars: the fascinating world of Hot Wheels collectors is a thriving marketplace, and some especially rare and valuable Hot Wheels cars have become highly sought-after collectibles. The popularity of certain models fluctuates over time, with the most expensive Hot Wheels cars selling for up to $200,000. This list includes some of the most valuable and rare models in the Hot Wheels universe.

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