Ford Maverick With F-150 Shifter Is A Plug-And-Play Upgrade

A member of the Maverick Truck Club forum who goes by the handle Fast Mavericks made a thread showing off his compact truck equipped with a lever shifter from an F-150. As detailed in his post, he cut the original center console to fit in the new gear shifter assembly, but that’s a cheap part to replace if he ever wants to go back.

Interestingly, he claims that the old dial shifter’s plug was compatible with the F-150 shifter, and so far, the vehicle “drives like normal.” It also appears that the F-150 shifter on the Mav might still have its fold-down feature.

However, this is still a temporary setup, and the user says he will add a separate mount for the vehicle’s drive mode selector and parking brake. He also hasn’t hooked up the paddle shifters just yet.

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