Volvo Nearly Built A Boxy Land Rover Defender Rival

Vehicle concepts not reaching the production line aren’t new, and any number of causes can be to blame. Hedberg didn’t disclose why it never made the production lines, only disclosing that it was “never realized for various reasons.” Development costs and marketing challenges are the most typical excuses for not seeing an all-new project through, but internal politics, market volatility, and an infinite number of other reasons could be given.

It wasn’t until the 2000s that Volvo introduced its first SUV, the XC90, which already had a modern design with sleek lines, and it’s become one of the market’s most adored machines. Perhaps the decision to delay the introduction of a Volvo SUV back then was prudent; perhaps not.

We’d love to see this boxy SUV sketch come to life someday, potentially as a homebrew project. Any volunteers?

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