2024 World Car Of The Year Finalists Are An Odd Bunch

The Abarth 500e, BYD Dolphin, Lexus LBX, Volvo EX30, and Suzuki Fronx were named the finalists in the Urban Car category. The EX30 is the only model confirmed for America, though we suspect Fiat will eventually introduce the go-faster 500e once the brand has been reestablished in America.

While art is subjective, WCF established a panel of six highly respected world design experts to name the best-looking car of 2024. This panel chose the Ford Bronco, Ferrari Purosangue, Toyota Prius, Volvo EX30, and Zeekr X as the finalists. Once again, we hope the win goes to the Prius for proving that hybrids don’t need to look stupid or boring, but the Ferrari may contend based on its unique approach to SUV design.

“Today, more than ever, cutting-edge technologies and megatrends are shaping the automotive landscape,” said Daniele Schillaci, Brembo’s Chief Executive Officer. “For Brembo, being forward-looking has always made a difference, and […] we eagerly await the announcement of the winners and extend our best wishes to all of [the] participants.”

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