Ford Selling 2023 Bronco Sports At Best Ever Interest Rates

However, the deal is not as good as those Ford offered last month. Manufacturers are known for going wild with specials during December to move as many cars as possible to add to the year-end tally, and Ford is no different. Last month, Ford offered up to 13% off the MSRP on specific models, which works out to as much as $4,500. But those deals are now gone, as is the option of using anyone but Ford Credit for financing options. If you want a 0% deal, it must be through Ford.

There were still 6,300 2023 Ford Bronco Sports available at the time of writing. The 2024 MY updates are certainly not extensive enough to justify overlooking the 2023 model, and with so much stock to move, you can probably haggle with the dealership as well. Have a look at our top tips for negotiating with a car dealer if you want some insight.

Ford generally shifts between 9,000 to 11,000 units per month, so we expect that excess inventory will disappear very quickly.

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