Ranking Every Ford Bronco Generation From Worst To Best

The last of the old-school Broncos, production of the fifth-gen Bronco started in 1991 for the 1992 model year. The familiar chassis introduced over a decade earlier was retained, but this Bronco gained much more modern and aerodynamic styling, with a more rounded front fascia than before.

New features included the fitment of a driver’s airbag in 1994, available four-wheel ABS in 1993, a much more comfortable interior with premium sound systems, the first availability of leather upholstery, and optional remote keyless entry.

Eventually, every Bronco in the fifth generation was powered by V8 engines.

The fifth-gen Bronco gained infamy when it was involved in a highly publicized police chase involving O.J. Simpson. He was in the back seat of a white, fifth-gen Bronco driven by his former teammate and friend, AI Cowlings. Approximately 95 million viewers tuned in to watch the low-speed chase.

Unfortunately, Ford no longer saw the need for a three-door full-size SUV, and the fifth-gen Bronco lacked the driving refinement of more modern rivals. It was discontinued in 1996, with Ford introducing the Expedition in 1997 as a replacement.

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