Top AWD Manual Cars You Can Still Buy In 2024

We know that all- and four-wheel-drive systems are not identical, but by leaving 4WD vehicles out, this list would have been far shorter. With that said, the Jeep is the first of several more rugged models to power all four wheels and have a manual gearbox.

With its solid axles, chunky controls, and removable doors/roof, there’s a distinctly mechanical and tactile quality to the Jeep Wrangler, and a no-frills base model with the six-speed manual and naturally aspirated V6 is as pure an off-roader as you can get. Standard 4WD does little for the Jeep’s on-road manners, where it’s noisy and exhibits noticeable body lean. But it’s a monstrous off-roader, with its tough body-on-frame construction and the high articulation of the suspension allowing it to clamber over almost any obstacle.

The cheapest Wrangler is the Sport with two doors, which starts at $31,995. It costs $4,500 to upgrade to the eight-speed automatic. Best of all, the manual is widely available across most variants in the Wrangler range.

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