Ford’s Sliding Steering Wheel Turns Your Car From Left-Hand Drive To Right-Hand Drive In Seconds

Once the system detects who will be driving the car based on who is approaching the driver’s side door, it then evaluates their build in detail. This includes measuring the driver’s legs, arms, and torso. The system would also consider the individual’s gait to determine whether they may be suffering from some form of physical handicap, adjusting the support provided by the car when entering or exiting the cabin.

The steering wheel could lower and raise itself, turn toward or away from the driver as they enter, and adjust its angle of inclination relative to the dashboard. All of this could help one climb into the driver’s seat with greater ease, and once seated, the steering wheel would move to what it determines is an optimal position. Any adjustments made by that particular driver are stored in the system memory, and when exiting the car, the wheel can again figure out how best to support egress.

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