Why Every Supercar Owner Should Drive Their Car More

Now, Mercedes-Benz will never produce another car with an F1 engine. It was a herculean task and one it will not attempt again. But it will be building a lot of electric cars in the future. These electric vehicles won’t use the same motors as the One, if only because EV technology is constantly evolving. Mercedes has already showcased its next-gen electric motors, which are small enough to fit in a wheel hub.

Shortly, prospective customers will walk into a dealership, and there will be a direct connection between the upcoming CLA EV, the One, and the Formula 1 car by association. Why do you think many manufacturers are interested in getting into F1? Ford isn’t doing it to sell more Mustang GTs. It’s doing it to sell more Mustang Mache-Es. By 2026, an F1 car will be 50% electric, and that’s marketing gold.

But none of this matters if we don’t see these cars in action. It’s different with F1 because we see them perform at the limit almost weekly. But cars like the Valkyrie, LFA, and One are sheltered, and static displays don’t count.

If more owners use them, more people will see them. In this social media-obsessed world, those videos will spread like wildfire, remind us that they exist, and show a new generation of car lovers what came before.

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