WATCH: Ford’s 1,400-HP SuperVan Makes History At Mount Panorama Circuit

“While both are impressive mountains in their own right, Mount Panorama and Pikes Peak couldn’t be more different in their challenges,” remarked Dumas. “This is the first time I have driven SuperVan 4.2 faster than 300 km/h [186 mph], and we left nothing on the table as we pushed for the fastest lap possible. No one has ever driven a vehicle like SuperVan 4.2 around Mount Panorama, and certainly not this quickly.”

Sriram Pakkam, manager of Formula 1 and EV Demonstrators at Ford Performance, said the SuperVan team worked for two weeks to ensure the world’s most exciting commercial vehicle performed at its best. Several key changes were made, with each revision bringing the lap time closer to the record-breaking goal.

SuperVan produces a staggering 1,400 horsepower, which is sent to all four wheels for maximum grip. There are two electric motors powering the rear axle and one at the front. A 50 kWh battery developed by Stard provides the SuperVan with its power.

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