De Tomaso P72 Carbon Chassis And Suspension Are Engineering Art

The entire suspension has been revised and refined, bringing “notable enhancements to road compliance, longevity, and mechanical grip.” As part of this, the double wishbones have been repackaged for improved lateral grip during extreme driving while reducing camber gain in corners. This only comes from motorsport experience.

De Tomaso has sourced components from GT4 racecars for its new suspension bearings and says that geometry refinements have improved front and rear balance, while the improved packaging of the steering rack is touted to provide exceptional performance even when the road is bumpy or loads are high. A fully hydraulic steering system derived from LMP racecars will provide outstanding feel and a super-tight turning radius.

Clearly, this is a much better car than we were first promised, and the additional development time will surely be worth the wait. Speaking of, De Tomaso expects to begin production in the second half of the year.

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