VW’s Scout Brand Takes Aim At Ford And Chevy

Scout takes shot at Ford Bronco and Chevy Blazer in new videoAll-electric off-roaders expected to arrive in 2026Targeted starting price of $50,000

Ahead of its upcoming relaunch, Scout Motors has fired shots at the Ford Bronco and rivals in a new video that showcases the automaker’s past, present, and future.

The clip centers around Scout’s beginnings and the creation of a simple, utilitarian, yet rugged off-roader that could also serve as a family vehicle. The company claims the Scout was the first SUV. While many will contest that statement, there’s no denying the Scout name was associated with tough 4x4s long before there was a Ford Bronco.

And Scout has reminded us of that fact. “[It] was the first SUV. We called it the Scout. That was back in 1961, before Bronco, before Blazer, before anybody,” says the video.

It’s worth noting that by 1961, Toyota, Land Rover, and Jeep each offered an off-road vehicle, albeit in more down-to-earth packages.

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