Fully-Electric 2025 Maserati GranCabrio Folgore Unveiled 

It’s been less than two months since Italian carmaker Maserati unveiled the GranTurismo’s convertible sibling. In its latest announcement, however, the marque unveiled the fully electric variant that runs alongside it, the 2025 Maserati GranCabrio Folgore. Like the electric GT the carmaker announced back in late 2022, the GC Folgore rides on the same modular architecture as its coupe counterpart but adds a folding soft top while retaining its sleek and curvy bodywork.

Beneath the metal, the GranCabrio Folgore and the GranTurismo are nearly identical. They count on an 800-volt electric architecture, which feeds three electric motors: one up front and two in the back. Power comes from a 92.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack, of which 83 kWh are usable and can charge at up to 270 kilowatts. This allows it to jump from 10 to 80 percent in roughly 18 minutes and cover a maximum distance of around 230 miles.

On the performance side, the Maserati GranCabrio Folgore produces 751 horsepower, while a temporary MaxBoost mode temporarily bumps that output up to 818 HP. Flat out, the Trident’s latest convertible can sprint to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, just a tenth of a second behind the coupe, blast up to 124 mph in 9.1, and top out at 180 mph.

The addition of its battery pack, along the roof’s folding mechanism and the GC’s additional strengthening bumps up its weight over its Coupe counterpart, but only by 176 lb, which considering this cabrio’s 5,159 curb weight, is a marginal increase. It’s that convertible roof, however, that makes the new Maserati GranCabrio Folgore one of the most interesting entrants to the electric vehicle world yet, as one of the first luxury grand touring EV convertibles to hit the market. In fact, the GranCabrio’s bragging rights include being the first fully-electric convertible in the luxury segment, and being the fastest fully-electric convertible on the market.

Being a soft top, Maserati says that the folded top is compact enough to leave enough room for luggage for four, and the roof is operable at speeds of up to 31 mph, and opens in a matter of only 14 seconds. A neck warming system also ensures the GranCabrio Folgore provides year-round comfort for open-top drives, making it an engaging, quick and luxurious grand tourer, all while being fully electric.

The luxurious electric convertible is launched with an exclusive color: Liquid Rose Gold, paired with a Titan Grey fabric roof and an interior upholstered in Denim and Ice with contrasting stitching, showcasing the stunning bespoke abilities of Maserati’s Fuoriserie customization program. With luxury, high-performance, EV futurism, and Maserati’s iconic Italian sense of style, the new Maserati GranCabrio Folgore is set to be a game changer in the luxury performance EV world as one of the first convertible grand tourers in the segment.

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