Ferrari of San Antonio Displays Off A Red-on-Red LaFerrari

A modern Ferrari legend is celebrated and showcased.

Ferrari is known for having made some of the world’s most iconic, desirable, powerful, and innovative cars ever made, boasting a “Big Five” group of supercars that consistently command incredibly high values and earn coveted places in car collections worldwide. Being a renowned purveyor of Prancing Horse cars, Ferrari of San Antonio brought beautiful examples of Ferrari excellence to the Italian Motor Gathering event, and one specific car, the Ferrari LaFerrari, was one of the most attention-grabbing cars there, for good reason.

The Ferrari LaFerrari not only marked a revolutionary turning point in the history of Ferrari, but it also participated in a revolutionary moment in automotive history as a whole. With its hybrid V12 powertrain, it was one-third of the hybrid hypercar “Holy Trinity” of the early 2010s, which used hybrid technology to push forward performance, engineering, and technology, foretelling the new generation of hybrid performance cars we are seeing today.

Being an iconic Ferrari flagship and a hybrid performance pioneer, the Ferrari LaFerrari was one of the most legendary vehicles at the Italian Motor Gathering event, with an iconic Ferrari color combination consisting of both a red exterior and a red interior. With a timelessly beautiful configuration and hypercar legend status, it’s no wonder that the Ferrari LaFerrari was admired by Ferrari of San Antonio and the Italian Motor Gathering attendees.

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