First-Ever Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class Arrives With Four Electric Motors And G-Turn Functionality

Key Takeaways

Electric Mercedes G580 with EQ Technology launches with quad-motor electric drivetrain and 579 hp.

Ladder-frame chassis with integrated battery pack, newly engineered front and rear suspension.

G-Turn function allows standing donuts for off-road navigation.

Launches for 2025 model year with Edition One trim arriving late in 2024, pricing to be determined.

The first-ever electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been unveiled, and contrary to what was originally anticipated, the new model is not called the EQG. Instead, it gets the long-winded nomenclature of “Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology.” Along with a name more akin to a regular G-Class, it also gets ‘normal’ G-Class styling, cutting an instantly recognizable figure in a sea of ambiguous crossovers. Where it’s not normal is under the skin, though…

“Throughout its more than 45-year history, the G-Class has always used the most modern drive technology available. So, it’s entirely fitting that the innovative drive concept with four individually controlled electric motors once again raises the legendary performance of our off-road icon to a new level. It even retains that familiar angular silhouette and is true to the character of our beloved ‘Geländewagen.'”

– Markus Schäfer, Mercedes-Benz Chief Technology Officer

Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology


Quad-Motor Electric


579 hp


859 lb-ft


2-Speed w/ Low Range


Electric 4-Wheel Drive

0-60 MPH

4.6 Seconds

Top Speed

112 mph (elec. limited)

Four Electric Motors And All-New G-Turn Functionality

The G580 nomenclature represents more than just its stature in the G-Class lineup, as the electric off-roader generates 579 horsepower and 859 lb-ft of torque courtesy of four electric motors, one for each wheel, integrated into the ladder frame chassis. These individual e-motors give the G580 a range of capabilities a gas-powered model can’t match, with four-motor torque vectoring simulating virtual differential locks. Additionally, they afford the electric G novel tricks like G-Turn (the ability to spin on the spot by lighting up all four wheels), G-Steering (off-road torque vectoring to tighten the turning circle), and off-road cruise control called ‘intelligent off-road crawl’.


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Because of its potent electric powertrain, the G580 is almost as quick as the AMG G63 (and 2 hp more powerful), with 0-60 mph taking 4.6 seconds, while a top speed of 112 mph is in the cards. Powering this quad-motor drivetrain is a 116-kWh battery (usable capacity) integrated into the ladder frame chassis. The battery has a torsion-resistant case that protects it from water and dirt so it can be taken off-road, with the battery protected by a carbon-based underbody guard that weighs 127 lbs – significantly lighter than a comparable steel item. Fast-charging functionality enables a 10-180% charge to take just 32 minutes, but Mercedes hasn’t published an EPA-rated driving range just yet.

Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology Specs At-A-Glance


Quad-Motor Electric

Transmission & Drivetrain

Shiftable 2-Speed w/ Low Range | Four-Wheel Drive

Individual Motor Power

145 hp

Combined Power

579 hp

Combined Torque

859 lb-ft

0-60 MPH

4.6 Seconds

Top Speed

112 MPH (Electronically Limited)

Battery Capacity

116 kWh (usable capacity)

EPA Range


Off-Roading Like A Real G Should

Over and above the aforementioned functions, the electric G has various off-road drive modes and a dedicated 2:1 Low Range gear reduction so it can rock crawl well enough to live up to its forebears. It also boasts an Offroad Cockpit, showcasing off-road relevant information on the digital instrumentation, and a transparent hood function gives the driver a virtual view of what’s under the front of the car, utilizing the surround-view cameras to make the unseen seen. It also has two unique off-road settings, Trail and Rock, as part of its Electric Dynamic Select programs.

Double wishbone front suspension and a solid rear axle with a De Dion design were redeveloped for this application, developed with electrification in mind. The e-motors are bonded to the chassis and drive the wheels through dual-joint driveshafts, enabling an impressive range of articulation.

As for its off-road metrics, the G580 is able to climb a 100% grade on suitable surfaces, and the low center of gravity by virtue of the low-mounted battery pack means it can tackle lateral slopes of up to 35 degrees. It also boasts impressive standard off-road metrics:

9.8-inch ground clearance

33.5-inch maximum water fording depth (5.9 inches more than regular ICE G-Class)

32-degree approach angle

30.7-degree departure angle

20.3-degree breakover angle


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G-Roar Gives The Electric G-Class A Voice

Because every EV now needs a soundtrack, Mercedes has developed G-Roar, encompassing “deep bass and sonorous tones” inspired by the soundtracks of previous combustion G-Classes. The volume and intensity self-adjust based on the driving modes, with Comfort being sedate and Sport dialing up the noise and emotion. Additionally, G-Roar includes an “aura” sound when you approach and walk away from the G580 with EQ Technology. This is an optional feature on the regular variant, made standard on the Edition One.

Looks Like A G, With One Big Difference

The G-Class DNA is impossible to miss, especially in profile where the two-box design is a dead ringer for the recently facelifted G-Class powered by combustion. But, a few core changes have been made, some functional and others aesthetic, to accommodate the unique idiosyncrasies presented by an electric powertrain. Compared to the ICE version, the G580 with EQ Technology sports a slightly raised hood, air curtains within flared wheel arches, a new A-pillar cladding, and a roof spoiler to optimize the aerodynamic properties of the EV.

The front end retains signature G-Class looks and even mimics the regular car’s grille with horizontal chrome bars – like the recent EQS facelift. The headlights embrace 84-LED projector technology housed within the signature round cluster. But while many of these design elements are functional, optional tinted lighting within a black radiator panel is purely aesthetic, as is an optional ‘Design Box’ in place of the spare tire cover at the rear of the SUV. This element acts as additional external storage to house charging cables, tools, and snow chains.

New G-Class Inside

Following the regular G-Class’s recent facelift, the G580 with EQ Technology inherits its interior, meaning a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment, and standard MBUX software with a plethora of voice commands. The system also has EV-specific functionality for the sake of finding charging stations nearby, and there are 20 new G-Class-specific voice commands. Luxuries like 64-color ambient lighting, climate-controlled cupholders, and Nappa leather are standard, and you can further opt for dual 11.6-inch rear infotainment screens and a variety of customization options.

Edition One: A One-Year-Only Special Edition

As has become a Mercedes signature, the new model gets a one-year-only special edition trim unimaginatively titled the Edition One, exclusively available for the 2025 model year and arriving in the second half of 2024 (pricing to be determined). Equipped with the AMG Line and Night Packages as standard, it sports 20-inch 10-spoke AMG wheels, G logos on the door handle buttons, and black mirror housings. The interior gets Manufaktur Silver Pearl/Black Nappa leather upholstery with blue contrast stitching for the standard Active Multicontour Seat Plus Package and the interior trim is carbon fiber with a blue thread woven throughout.

To visually distinguish itself, it has a blue trim strip in the exterior protective molding, blue brake calipers, and a body-color and black Design Box on the rear. The wing mirrors project “Stronger Than Time” lettering on the ground.

For this variant, only five paint options are available:

MANUFAKTUR South Sea Blue Magno (pictured)

MANUFAKTUR Moonlight White Magno

MANUFAKTUR Moonlight White Metallic


Obsidian Black Metallic

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