Ford Bronco Stuck In Water Can’t Be Saved

The soggy saga of this Bronco starts on April 15, according to local radio news station WDEA, when the vehicle was discovered sitting abandoned and submerged on the sandbar. Apparently, the tides had claimed the car after the owner, a New Jersey resident if the plates are to be believed, abandoned the car after getting stuck. This came after some alleged and very ill-advised donuts on the sandbar.

Since then, a local towing company has had mixed results removing the vehicle. As it’s told by WDEA the sand sitting below the water’s surface is predictably soft, and likely why the SUV was stranded in the first place, which also makes recovery rather tricky. During the first day, the Bronco was only moved around 100 feet, and a diver was sent out later at high tide with airbags to try and float out the 4,500-lbs SUV.

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