Here’s When You Can Order A 2023 Ford Bronco

There’s no word yet as to when production will kick off, but the same sources told the publication that the Michigan-based facility should start spewing out 2023 Broncos on November 14 – it’s worth noting this hasn’t been confirmed by Ford and can change in the coming months.

We’re left wondering what updates the new model year will usher in. For the regular models, we expect the inline-four and V6 to soldier on unchanged but, hopefully, Ford adds more accessories and color choices. The real excitement comes in the form of the Bronco Raptor. With its 418-horsepower twin-turbo V6, it’s set to be a hugely exciting desert destroyer.

Hopefully, Jim Farley’s stern warning to dealers will prevent them from placing exorbitant markups on the desirable 2023 SUVs – some dealers have previously been caught charging more than $20,000 over the MSRP.

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