The Feds Are Investigating Failing Bronco Engines

Ford is aware of the situation and has told media outlets that it is also investigating the problem. “If any customers are experiencing issues, they will be covered under the vehicle’s [5-year/60,000-mile] powertrain warranty.” This will certainly come as a relief to Bronco V6 owners, but it’s still very concerning. After all, Ford’s desert-bashing off-roader is supposed to be rugged and built to take on anything – how are engines failing this quickly?

An individual claiming to work for the Blue Oval said the issue can be traced back to inferior valves Ford ordered from a supplier. Reportedly, these valves were fashioned out of metal that weakens due to engine heat. This has not been confirmed, so we’re hoping the investigation into this problem brings about some answers. The NHTSA document notes the population of vehicles stands at 25,538.

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