Ford Introduces Elite Experience Club For 2024 Mustang Owners

Owners of the 2024 Mustang are in for a treat, as Ford has just announced a host of new exciting experiences for 2024, ranging from lifestyle events, on-track driving courses, and a special online portal for Mustang drivers.

For a start, Ford will host a destination driving event at its Performance Racing School at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mustang EcoBoost and Mustang GT owners can choose from various classes, including track driving, autocross, drifting, and even line-lock burnouts.

Those who enjoy taking their Mustangs on long road trips will appreciate the cross-country events held in 10 markets across the United States. This will let owners interact with fellow Mustang fans while participating in lifestyle and motorsport-themed activities.

The Blue Oval will also introduce an online digital portal, giving Mustang owners a place to gather. They can interact, get advice, and discuss their favorite muscle cars here.

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