Ford Maverick Sounds Like A Hot Hatch With New Exhaust

Maverick owners who want their truck to be louder than stock without as much drone should opt for the “street” exhaust setup. This exhaust retails for $791.99 but is currently on sale for $659.99. The street version features an axle-back straight muffler design, giving it a noticeable growl that’s less overpowering. Like the sport exhaust, the street exhaust is made from corrosion-resistant 2.5-inch T304 stainless steel.

We’d expect these aftermarket exhausts to have a small impact on fuel economy and performance but MRT doesn’t mention any specific gains from either system. Combined with an aftermarket tune, the EcoBoost engine can likely produce well over 300 horsepower and will sound like a hot hatchback.

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