Jeep Wrangler Is Still Dominating Ford Bronco In Sales War

Why does the Wrangler continue to sell so well? It’s an interesting question without a concrete answer.

We know Ford has managed to lure some Wrangler owners away, but it’s struggling to meet demand. The 2022 allocation is sold out, and Ford will only be taking 2023 Bronco orders from mid-August. At first glance, it appears to be a case of supply and demand. Jeep has more Wranglers available and will, therefore, inevitably sell more.

But we had a quick look back at the Wrangler’s annual sales, and the Bronco doesn’t seem to make a difference. In 2019, before the pandemic hit the planet, Jeep sold 228,042 Wranglers. Then the virus hit, and sales dropped to 201,310 in 2020 and climbed slightly to 204,610 in 2021. We’re halfway through the year, and Wrangler sales are halfway to roughly 200,000 units.

The Ford Bronco only had its first full year on sale in 2021, recording 116,227 sales. The Bronco is a successful car, but it doesn’t appear to be stealing Jeep’s thunder. It seems Jeep owners are a loyal bunch.

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