Ford Rat Rod With E30 BMW Heart Is A Hot Wheels Champion

The build started life as a rotten old Anglia, something we never got in the States. While we were getting the Mustang, British families were rocking about with these. But this is no family sedan, at least not anymore, with the supercharged engine and driveline from an E30-generation BMW living at the front of the car. The chassis is entirely bespoke – a mix of Ford and Hillman Imp parts.

Charalambous took six months to modify the BBS wheel centers, which he got off a Ferrari GT racer, to get the stance and offsets right. Inside, the trim matches the flat-green paint, and Charalambous has installed a new Marshall audio system, cupholder, and leather-trimmed seats. The best part? One of those BBS wheel centers now serves as the steering wheel.

The competition was narrowed down to 10 finalists, judged by a panel of automotive enthusiasts, including Helen Stanley, Ian Callum, Jonny Smith, and host Alex Kersten.

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