Ford Linked With Potential Red Bull Formula 1 Entry

Should the Red Bull rumors be true, the team is still supposedly committed to producing its own powertrains after the Honda deal expires in 2025. But Red Bull boss Christian Horner is always open to opportunity, saying that “We are fully focused on a Red Bull power unit, and if there was a like-minded partner that could contribute something to the project, then of course you would have to absolutely consider that. But it’s not a prerequisite.”

Red Bull and Ford already have a working relationship in WRC, which is another supporting bit of data as to why the pair might be keen on aligning.

The rumor mill suggests that the deal would be similar to that of Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo Sauber at present, which is more of a naming rights partnership than a technical one. While Audi is getting involved as an engine supplier, and Porsche wants to do the same, Ford would be happy to leave Red Bull in charge of all technical details.

But it opens another can of worms, as Honda has registered with the FIA for 2026. If Red Bull aligns with Ford, Honda will likely go it alone.

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