Graham Rahal Performance Reveals Porsche Carrera GT Recommission Project #02

Having made a tremendous impact on the automotive industry since its debut in 2004, the Porsche Carrera GT carries a legacy, unlike any other supercar in its class. The passionate team of professionals at Graham Rahal Performance dedicates their knowledge and resources to helping preserve the Carrera GT through a bespoke recommissioning service. The GRP Porsche Carrera GT Recommission Project allows owners to customize their Carrera GTs nearly 20 years after the original production. Graham Rahal Performance is proud to announce GRP Project Recommission #02, featuring an immaculate Signal Orange Porsche Carrera GT.

The Porsche Carrera GT showcases a vibrant Signal Orange finish inspired by a Porsche Singer, perfectly replicating the one-off shade on the handbuilt 911. As part of its customization process, this Project Recommission #02 includes an upgraded set of HRE performance wheels with silver and black center locks. The Porsche carbon ceramic brake calipers have also been paint-matched to resemble the new exterior color of the Carrera GT.

Inside, the Carrera GT pays homage to early Porsche interior design with a jaw-dropping plaid-style cabin. The outer portion of the Porsche sports bucket seats is layered in black leather with signal orange contrast stitching, while the center inserts present a magnificent signal orange, grey, and black cross-woven plaid design. Small hints of vibrant orange stitching tastefully highlight the driver-focused interior while keeping a majority in a factory appearance.

Side by side, the Carrera GT and 911 Singer demonstrate Porsche’s push toward the future of performance and its drive to honor the pioneering models that helped pave the way. With a passion for preserving one of Porsche’s greatest sports cars ever created, Graham Rahal Performance’s Porsche Carrera GT Recommission Project gives new life to a true automotive icon. View all Graham Rahal Performance inventory for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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