10 Best Drift Cars: Top Choices For Mastering The Art Of Drifting

The Nissan Silvia nameplate refers to an entire small sports car range, but we’re going to focus specifically on the later models produced under the S13 and later chassis codes. In America, the S13 was sold as the 240SX, which is memorable for its pop-up headlights, its punchy and reliable four-cylinder engines that can be tuned for big power, and its role in the video game Midnight Club.

Unfortunately, this is almost too good a drift car. What do we mean by that? Well, the S13, S14, and S15 were relatively cheap yet immensely capable cars, and once drifters realized how good they were, countless examples were chopped up to make drift cars.

As a result, those with untouched, original models tend to want a lot of money for their now-rare stock cars, while those with modified versions know exactly what their cars are capable of and will also generally want a lot more than you might have paid 10 years ago. Still, short of an E46 BMW M3, there are very few cars that you can just get in and drift as easily as a Nissan S chassis.

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