Ford Bronco Roadster Doors Can Be Yours For $2,200

Anderson Composites (AC) in California has released the first images of its Roadster Doors kit for the Ford Bronco. The company posted the pictures on the Bronc6g forum, and the feedback is highly positive. AC says the doors are only for off-road use, but we doubt owners will stick to these guidelines.

As you can see, the kit replaces the standard doors are replaced with fixed units. To get in and out, you use the U-shaped cutouts. These doors bolt directly to the OEM door mounts.

Obviously, this leaves the Bronco exposed to the elements, but that’s just the price you pay for looking cool. As for the actual price, you’re looking at $2,198 before taxes for four doors. The doors are currently only available for the four-door model, though two-door versions are coming.

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