Ford Wants Bronco Owners To Stand While Driving Off-Road

To ensure at least a modicum of safety, Ford states that this system can only be used within clearly defined boundaries, so no high-speed drifting while standing up in your Braptor. Ford explicitly mentions limiting acceleration, noting 3 mph as a baseline. We’re talking extremely slow-speed off-roading. The system would likely also use metrics like incline, pitch, and how many wheels are in the air. We see this as an additional driving mode, most likely incorporated into the GOAT (Go Over Any Thing) off-road driving system, one of the best in the business.

The secondary controls would work with a mix of microsensors to control speed and torque and a primary control like the steering wheel. You could, for example, keep one hand on the top of the steering wheel while feeding the throttle on a touch-sensitive panel on top of the windshield, or they could be worn.

As long as there’s a stable connection to the vehicle, these sensors can be placed wherever. As you can tell, these secondary controls’ placement has not been decided on yet.

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