Drag Race Mismatch: Toyota GR Corolla Vs. Ford Mustang GT

Who would have thought that in 2023 we have a Toyota Corolla that can put up a fight in a drag race?

In a recent showdown from The Fast Lane Car, the GR Corolla, Toyota’s hot hatch, is off to demonstrate its capabilities against a legendary V8-powered Ford Mustang. With its turbocharged three-cylinder engine, advanced all-wheel-drive system, and agile handling, can the GR Corolla hold a candle to the American muscle?

Let’s compare the two in black and white first. The GR Corolla boasts a potent 1.6-liter three-pot engine under the hood, making 300 horsepower. As the contender wasn’t the torquier, limited-run Morizo Edition, it only makes 273 lb-ft of torque.

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