Custom Combat Motors P-51 Combat Fighter Motorcycle For Sale

In the world of custom motorcycles, the P-51 Combat Fighter represents a new era of performance. The journey began in August 2016 when a race-spec P-51 was taken to the Bonneville Salt Flats, achieving an astonishing top speed of 164.95 mph on notoriously slippery terrain. The passionate team of professionals at Combat Motors is proud to feature this P-51 Combat Fighter as one of the many custom motorcycles currently for sale on duPont REGISTRY Discovery.

Created by carving from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum, the P-51 Combat Fighter boasts an aggressive and assertive look that matches its performance. Armed with race-spec suspension components, a tailor-made exhaust system, and a cutting-edge air intake system, its Combat Motors aims to represent the evolution of the P-51 land speed bike. The thrill of riding the P-51 Combat Fighter is unparalleled, offering an unfiltered, no-fluff experience on the road. From grip to peg to saddle, its precision, accuracy, and unflinching qualities offer a unique, no-nonsense ride. For those fortunate enough to experience it, the P-51 Combat Fighter doesn’t just represent the pinnacle of motorcycle technology; it’s a piece of automotive art. The P-51 Combat Fighter from Combat Motors is currently for sale on duPont REGISTRY Discovery by clicking the link below.

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