Lawsuit Over Shelby And AC Cobra Naming Rights Finally Settled

The Cobras sold by Clive Sutton reportedly start in life as bodies produced in South Africa before being shipped to the United States, where they’re fitted with their V8 engines.

However, the issue is that Clive Sutton was advertising these recreation models as 1965 Cobras, and AC Cars believe they should not have been advertised as such. In America, it’s legal to advertise (and register) a kit car in the same year as the car it replicates. In the UK, a vehicle must be registered in the year of manufacture, with an exception being made in exceptional cases.

While AC Cars retain the UK trademark for AC Cobra, Clive Sutton is authorized to use the Shelby Cobra name for the replicas it sells.

“We are delighted with the judgment, as it vindicates our desire and commitment to protecting our trademarks and intellectual property and not to allow imitators of our products to benefit from our heritage,” said David Conza, CEO of AC Cars.

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