Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Mustang Hybrid Would Be ‘World-Class’

Keeping a V8 alive for as long as possible will be a unique selling point, and further development will make the engine more powerful and efficient. The electric component of the potential hybrid would be immensely power-dense and compact, and lessons learned in its integration would surely contribute to more engaging EVs when the Mustang nameplate does eventually become exclusively electric.

It could be much like the strategy that Lamborghini is employing with the Revuelto. Hybridization has allowed the V12 to live on, and on the side, electric products like the future Lanzador will keep politicians at bay. Similarly, Ford has the Mustang Mach-E to learn all about making good EVs, and the V8 Mustang remains a halo model.

Finally, hybridization will have benefits for other niches beyond sports cars. A performance-focused hybrid system could well lead to improved F-150 hybrids, allowing the country’s most popular pickup truck to remain a firm favorite all over the nation.

Will the hybrid still arrive as part of the S650? Time will tell, but we suspect so, likely after a facelift.

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