Best Exotic Cars Over $1 Million You Can Buy Today

Some serious supercars and hypercars with price tags to match.

As the automotive industry continues to grow with manufacturers developing new supercars and hypercars in pursuit of performance, the market also adapts to value increases due to factors like exclusivity. Nowadays, It is more common to see a window sticker over the seven-figure mark from leading brands that introduce limited-production specs that incorporate state-of-the-art design, performance, and technology. One of the most iconic supercars to grace the world with a window sticker of over $1 million was the Bugatti Veyron, a model that acts as inspiration for not only other manufacturers but the hypercar industry as a whole.

With names like Ferrari, Ford, Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini, and many more in the mix of producing multi-million dollar vehicles, the market is filled with countless examples that each proves to specialize in an area of expertise. Today, we have compiled a list of the Best Exotic Cars Over $1 Million You Can Buy Today from duPont REGISTRY. View all of the exclusive supercars and hypercars featured in this special by clicking the link below. Check back into duPont REGISTRY for more upcoming ‘Best List’ specials.

What makes a car cost over $1 million?

Cars can cost over a million dollars for various reasons. Some can include unparalleled luxury features, trailblazing performance, unprecedented engineering, incredible exclusivity, handmade artisan crafstmanship, or even historical preservation and rarity, with origins in motorsport or a captivating story in automotive history.

Are cars over $1 million a good investment?

They often can be. With rarity, exclusivity, historical value, and other desirable aspects, the population of car collectors drive values of rare and expensive cars further up as time goes on, with many cars often appreciating in value as time goes on.

Where can I buy cars over $1 million?

Being the source for supercars since 1985, duPont REGISTRY specializes in luxury and exotic cars and is the best place to look if you are looking to buy a rare, unique, and exclusive car over $1 million.

1964 Ferrari 250 GT


1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL


2019 McLaren Senna


2017 Ferrari F12tdf


1976 Lancia Kimera EVO37


2004 Porsche Carrera GT


1991 Porsche 911 Singer “Greenwich Commission”


2021 Bugatti Chiron “Noire”


2021 Koenigsegg Regera


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