Ford Is Paying People To Cancel Their 2023 Bronco SUV Orders

Should you want to choose from dealer inventory, the “2023-Model Bronco Cancel Order & Purchase In-Stock Offer” also provides $2,500 to customers who will settle for an in-stock 2022 or 2023 Ford vehicle. Interestingly, this gives buyers more choices by including the F-150 Tremor, Maverick, Bronco, and even the Mustang.

CD notes that this excludes the all-electric Mustang Mach-e as it does not fall under the in-stock offer. Lastly, another $2,500 discount is being offered to Bronco customers who are willing to change their configuration – but there’s a caveat. Buyers must be willing to remove options Ford deems to be “constrained commodities.”

The dealer bulletin notes that customers may have to remove the Lux Package, Sasquatch Package, and the MIC hardtop option.

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