The New LOKI Expedition Icarus 8 Is Its “Most Capable Ever Built”

LOKI Expedition is known for its ability to turn pickup trucks into incredible vehicles for those who want to travel to remote locations for fishing, overlanding, and other forms of exploration, and its Icarus series is one of the most iconic in this regard. The new Icarus 8 is the most capable member of the series yet, with a whole host of features that combine to provide comfortable, convenient, and confident adventures for owners of the conversion.

People with active lifestyles will enjoy the fact that the Icarus 8 has space for large equipment on top like kayaks, as well as 4-season insulation and advanced AC and heating for when the elements are less than pleasant. Other technology includes a heated floor, LED lighting, onboard outlets and a 2000w charger, and a UV water filter. Inside, you’ll be treated to a removable indoor shower that utilizes the same space that can convert into a table and seat, as well as a versatile lounge area, along with a dinette to easily prepare food, and a collapsible bed to combine maximum comfort with maximum interior space. With a fiberglass shell and an aluminum structure installed on a Ford F-350 pickup truck, the LOKI Expedition Icarus 8 makes for the perfect adventuring truck by being easy to drive. For multi-day adventures where few other vehicles can go, the LOKI Expedition Icarus 8 is one of the best choices yet.

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